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Top 10 Reasons

Humorous, Serious and Funny Top 10 Lists!

Top 10 Reasons Why Beer is Better Than Jesus

got beer jesus10. Beer doesn't tell you how to have sex.

9. No one will kill you for not drinking Beer.

8. They don't force Beer on minors who can't think for themselves.

7. Beer has never caused a major war.

6. Nobody's ever been burned at the stake, hanged, or tortured for his brand of Beer.

5. When you have a Beer, you don't knock on people's doors trying to give it away.

4. There are laws saying Beer labels can't lie to you.

3. You don't have to wait more than 2000+ years for a second Beer.

2. You can prove you have a Beer.

1. If you've devoted your life to Beer, there are groups to help you stop.

Top 10 Reasons ... Better Than ...

top 10 reasons why beer is better than jesus

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6 Comment(s):

Anonymous zOrrO said...

Beer-Jesus list creator Paul D. Jones explains:

I had the idea, and about half of the reasons are from my original list on a Bulletin Board called EvilAntiForum at Texas A&M, sometime in '90 or '91. I had just seen a T-shirt with the "Top Ten Reasons Why Jesus is Better than Beer" list, so I rebutted. After some discussion and revision, the list was made into a T-shirt, which had two printing runs.
Anonymous gONZOm said...

There are also reasons why a beer is better than women :)))

* Beer labels come off without a fight.
* A beer doesn't get jealous when you grab another beer.
* A beer is always wet.
* When you go to a bar, you know you can always pick up a beer.
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilarious, gONZOm. But I agree that beer is better tha Jesus.
Anonymous peter said...

there is only One GOD ( just a beer for better life 0 DIE clean
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, this is clearly not biased at all, thanks XD
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is stupid. Beer isnt better than Jesus and never have been or will be. I hate when people make fun of God, the Bible, Jesus, and everything Holy.

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