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Top 10 Reasons

Humorous, Serious and Funny Top 10 Lists!

Top 10 Reasons To Date A Fat Girl


I'm tired of seeing really ugly thin women with nice looking guys. What about us cute fat girls? Wouldn't you rather be with a pretty girl? You can work on the fat, but you can't work with ugly...

10 reasons why you should date a fat girl:

1. If you take the fat away from the fat girl, she'll be fucking smoking;you take the skinny from the skinny chick...she'll still look like an ugly ass horse.

2. You might not be able to pick her up, but she can PICK you up.

3. No more blankets.

4. Larger mouth capacity.

5. She'll let you eat beef--she'll probably eat most of it.

6. This is cliche, but "more cushion for the pushin".

7. She's probably an emotional wreck, so if you show her the least bit attention, she'll be at your beck and call.

8. Bear hugs.

9. Let me repeat, larger mouth capacity.

10. Economy size. More is Better. Bigger is better.

reasons to date a fat girl

Top 10 Reasons to Date

So if you find any of this humorous, or would like to add on to this post, please comment.

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36 Comment(s):

Blogger Young Cash said...

I dated a few fat chicks but tell u the truth there is a limit on it. But true thing is I like the cushin for the pushin. and the lagger mounth campacity. But yea just saying.
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1. You won't have to buy a garbage disposal. Just give her the leftovers.

2. If you get shipwrecked, you can use her as a flotation device.

3. If you get shipwrecked and there are sharks, they'll eat her first and then they'll be full, so you'll be saved.

4. If you get in a car accident, you can use her as an airbag.

5. You won't have to spend money on weights. Just lift her instead.

6. If you're a boxer, you won't have to spend money on a punching bag. Just use her fat instead.

7. No one will ever try to take her from you.

8. She won't drag you shopping with her as often.

9. You can use old shower and window curtains as clothing for her.

10. When you go camping, you won't need a sleeping bag. Just use her as a bed.

11. If you ever get attacked or involved in a hostage situation, you can use her as a human shield.

12. She'll give great head because she's hungry.

13. You can get some any time you want because fat chicks are desperate.

14. She'll let you get away with treating her like crap because she knows that no one else will want her.
Anonymous Anonymous said...

m Sorry But Thats Bullshit! You Need To Respect People (All People)! I Bet Your Just Some Fat Douchebag Who lives In His Mothers Basement At Age 45!...Your Disgusting...You'll Die Alone...
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why the hell did you look at this if you were just going to be a fuck face and make fat girls feel bad? You're probably one of those skinny bitches who looks like a horse.
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck you all u mother fuckers your all a bunch of fat shits that lick on cream pies all day
Anonymous Anonymous said...

also her boobs will be super big and juicy
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should change this to, Top Ten Reasons To Date Katie Thrailkill. ;D Please and thank you!
Blogger Konstardiy said...

My wife is fat AND cute! We are loving each other, and we are happy together! So, some comments here are bullshit. But some other - good. And some other are simple lie.
Anonymous peter said...

YAYAYAYYAAKKK i never want FAT girl
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You Basterd i an dating a fat chick you careless hore!
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is really mean. You should look at peoples personalitys not their looks.
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SOME of u guys are just saying this because fat girls are more prettier than skinny girls! I'm a girl that's a little heavier but a lot people say I'm beatiful, a lot say I should be a model!!! I'm 5' 8.5'' and 210 lbs and very pround of it because I don't look like I'm dying from being to skinny!!!!!
Blogger Kostardiy said...

Glad to know there are more big soft girls proud of their true beauty and more guys saying honestly they like fatties!
My wide is more than 210 lbs too, and we both getting a lot of pleasure from it!
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a heavier girl aswell. Some of these thigns are... alright, others, like what ANON posted "More reasons to date a fat girl" are just plain rude. I am 5'7" and 180 pounds.
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a heavy girl has well I'm 18. I love love to have
An boyfriend to take me as They see me who
Cares if I'm over weight I'm a fun person and
Would love to have some. I'm not gonna say
My weight cuz they are some ass holes on
This site. there needs to be more "FA" out
There for girls like us
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big Girls Rock, besides the bigger the body the bigger the heart!!!!
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a thick, latina, rockabilly chick and I'm hot! ;) I am all curves and softness baby! I've never been with someone who didn't love curves. My BF is 6'2 and I'm 5'5. He is a hottie. Muscled, tattoos, peircings and owns a hot rod shop. He loves everything about me, including my IDGAF attitude. He loves it when I swear. Lol

To all my pluse size hunnies, it doesn't matter what size you are but how you carry yourself is what ppl really look for. Love yourself. And the rest will come. :)

Blogger Kostardiy said...

RockabillyDame, +1
The best option if big girl like self fatness so match that wants get fatter:)
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1O GOOD Reasons Why To Date A Fat Girl

- bigger boobs

- bigger butt

- gives guys atleast something to hold onto/squish

- more cuddley than most girls

- will never complain that they ate carbs

- more cushin for the pushin

- you'll never have spoiled food in your fridge

- bigger personalitys

- you'll never lose her in a crowd

- easier to hold their butt in public

Bigger is BETTER^-^

You chose .. Do you want a carrot or an apple ?
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have loved fat girls all my life. Nothing better in the world than a big fat big boobed woman
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Youre a fat horse yourself. if a person is chubby, they cant be cute until thryve lost the weight, sorry. I am hot AND skinny, so maybe people who know they are at an unhealthy weight should stop trying to think up excuses for the disgusting blubber hanging out and the grease from the french fries still dripping from your chubby fingers. I realize some cant help it, but you could always improve things. A clue; put down the fork, porky! Fat people die prematurely; people like me dont. And maybe if you had brains instead of fat in your heads, youll realize that some thin people cant help it either, and also are naturally skinny, by genetics, or illness, medications. So they cant help it! Oh wow, hard to imagine for narrow-minded people like these I'd think....not my problem though. Geez, jealous much?
Blogger Kostardiy said...

"Youre a fat horse yourself. if a person is chubby, they cant be cute until thryve lost the weight, sorry. I am hot AND skinny, so maybe people who know they are at an unhealthy weight should stop trying to think up excuses for the disgusting blubber hanging out and the grease from the french fries still dripping from your chubby fingers." etc. Blah blah blah.
Yet another blah blah blah form the hellish fitness+medicene church priest, hehe... You just never tryed to imagine men like me, who love a fatty IRL, and even more - who loves his fatty wife :) You just said that people don't have right to form own answer for questions like "Which woman|man i dream about?", "What is the beauty for me?", "How i want look?" etc. What if i will force you to read computer science or math academic books instead of cosmopolitan and every time you open the cosmopolitan to read, you will get the slap? This is what you want to do with people who want to be fat or dream about fat partner|spouse.
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i too hv a fat grlfrnd she satisfies me more den d skinny one..............
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a bigger girl I can say the same is true for guys; I have dated both skinny guys and bigger guys. Big guys win! No question!
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, please! Mind your freaking health and let people decide how they want to die. If its from a coronary or jumping out of a plane, is not your problem! Ohhh the health BULLSHIT! Mind your own business. Its their body, they choose and you DEAL WITH IT. Do you know how big is america? If you dont like something you can just GO ON YOUR WAY!

-Fat people are unhealthy. HA! So is skinny people who do drugs, starve themselves, drink, smoke and have unprotected sex with multiple partners and we don't go around trying to throw the world's weight upon them as if they were the cause for the world's damage.

-Beauty is ALWAYS in the eyes of the beholder. You can be fat or skinny, and be just as miserable like the next human. Although, in my case, I like that when I feel miserable I can choke down on a pile on Ice Cream without having to throw it up.

Bottom Line: Projection. The art of pointing out the wrong in the others so they wont see how messed up we are. So if you are really so fat-hating to the point where you cant go on with your business, its maybe because all you want in your life, your innermost desire, is a little bit of this Ice Cream Im choking on. :)
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Men like flesh, dogs like bones!
Blogger Kostardiy said...

Glad to see plenty Fat Admirers here, as Fat Admirer myself!
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been with skinny and thick women. The skinny ones are conceited and think their s*#t dont stink. They think they are gods gift to man. They dont know what their man REALLY wants.

The thick women I have been with show respect and are more down to earth. They know that not everybodys perfect so other traits they have are magnified because of their flaws. Full figured women also are more thankful for what they got unlike the skinny freaks that think everything should be handed to them cuz they think look good.
I like something to hold on to. If I wanted to hold on to a bone id hold myself!!
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im a 23yr old,workout stay buff,.Women hit on me all the time but I absloutly love my sexi ass thick wife.Her big titties n softness are the best.Would never date a skinny women.Srry but I think biggers better.
Blogger Kostardiy said...

SexiDaddi224, don't speak "i am sorry but i prefer bigger women" - "i prefer bigger women just because bigger is better!" sounds much better:)
Anonymous David E, said...

It is very sad and sick half you f***ing people are. People who are overweight are human too and shouldn't be worded or treated any different. My girlfriend is a bit overweight. But I don't treat her any different from the people I care about.


1. Because the person who created this is a single guy who can't even get a date from big girl. So he has to pick on people. Get a life you f***ing pig.
Anonymous Tremmz0218 said...

I believe that every woman has the option to be beautiful. It is how you present yourself. You can be a size 0 but if you smoke and do drugs don't wear make up or wash your hair you'll look like trash, same goes for a size 16 or 28. I am 5'5" and 210lbs, this doesn't make me incapable of working out or undetermined to do anything. Just last week I went on an 8 mile hike and was in better shape then my friend who is 120lbs.
Girls, you need to worry about making yourself a better person on the inside...not for your man, not for the bitch who called you a hefer...but because you want to be a better person...you can't expect anyone to love you if you can't love yourself.
"Girl, find someone who will ruin your lipstick, not your mascara!"

and to all you men who prefer skinny woman, that's fine a dandy, but one day she'll be pregnant and her metabolism will slow down. If she doesn't have a good personality now, imagine 10+ years from now.
and don't get me wrong I am not by any means saying that all skinny girls are bitches because that is not even close to true. It's the girls who have been brought up to believe that the only way to get anything in life is through their looks...
some girls skinny dip, us bitches chunky dunk :D
Anonymous Anonymous said...

number 14 is so true!! ahaha so funny!!
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am very skinny because i run i do gymnastics and i dont lie on the couch all day im skinny and im pretty and i dont care what you say and whoever wrote those reasons is a big fat jerk who is crazy everyone has feelings be nice
Blogger Kendall.Ionita said...

well I haven't always been overweight. I used to be very skinny with nice boobs and a nice ass.. but then I went through a depression stage and I gained 30 LBS. and you know, I like it better then being some skinny bitch. I'm 5 foot even and I weigh 146 LBS anddamnit I'm proud of it. and to all you skinny bitches out there who think they're the real shit cause guys just want to get in your pants, you will never ever find true love. I'd rather be heavier any day then be a stuck up underweight girl. And who ever cam up with this theory that heavier woman aren't beautiful is a dumb ass. all the heavier girls in my school are beautiful. and all the skinny dumb bitches are fake and cake on the make up. so yeah(: <3 Kendall(:
Anonymous Konstardiy said...

For me this is quite simblier- fatter is beeter and more fat means more beauty!

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