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Top 10 Reasons

Humorous, Serious and Funny Top 10 Lists!

Top 10 Reasons To Love Someone

10. Because LOVE can be wonderful.

9. Because of the way they feel about you, their personality, the way they care for you.

8. Because they know your bad qualities and you know theirs, and you like each other anyway.

7. Because they are strong in areas where you are weak, and the two of you can handle anything life throws at you.

6. Because you can say something totally boneheaded and they don't laugh at you, or if they do, you don't feel bad because they did since you're laughing too.

5. When you are in love the sex is always better!

4. Knowing that person would never intentionally hurt you and no matter what happens in your life that person will love you unconditionally.

3. They are there when you are sad, mad, happy, angry. They keep you company, make you feel safe, secure, make you feel like you are a princess/prince.

2. The way they make you feel, absolute love, happiness and respect are great reasons to love someone or to feel that way yourself.

And The Number One Reason To Love Someone:

There are no reasons to love someone! Love comes naturaly. Love is not a choice but a sudden and an unforeseen feeling. When you love someone you don't expect anything in return. Moreover, it's you, who want to completely devote yourself to the beloved person.

P.S. You don't need a reasons to love someone, but you need reasons NOT to love someone. Ask any divorced person.

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Blogger Sarah said...

another thing: when you love someone, you want their happiness more than your own, even if they would be happier without you. Also, love is not like two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. it is like two pieces of clay that mold themselves to fit the other, until they become one.
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Boyfriend hasn't said I love you yet and it's been a little over a year. And we've have sex idk what to do anymore. I told him that I love him I don't understand why he won't say it.
Blogger Ravi Rajotiya said...

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Blogger Ravi Rajotiya said...

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