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Top 10 Reasons

Humorous, Serious and Funny Top 10 Lists!

Top 10 Reasons For Being Indian

1. Chicken Madras & Cobra Lager.

2. Chicken Tikka Masala & Cobra Lager.

3. Chicken Dopiaza & Cobra Lager.

4. Meat Boona & Cobra Lager.

5. Onion Bhaji & Cobra Lager.

6. Lamb Passanda & Cobra Lager.

7. Popadoms & Cobra Lager.

8. Bombay Potato & Cobra Lager.

9. Rogan Josh & Kingfisher Lager.

10. Aggravate everyone else by shaking your head when talking & Cobra Lager of course.

Top 10 Reasons For Being Any Nationality


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Anonymous Dron said...

Top 10 Reasons For Being Indian

1. Allow Hindus kill Muslims, Muslims Kill Hindus and still talk about Hindu-Muslim Unity.

2. Spit/pee wherever you want.

3. Fight with anyone, as you are accepted as an emotional person.

4. Argue about why Hindi is not spoken in Tamil Nadu and Tamils are against Hindi with a Tamil who knows Hindi very well.

5. Allow LTTEs kill Indian Prime ministers, then form commission and blame one another.

6. Argue whether tissue is better or water is better to clean the back.

7. Allow Pakistan to harbour Terrorists to attack India and still talk diplomacy.

8. Can do dirty dances/kisses in public in the movies but not in real life and watch with the whole family without any remorse.

9.You can live in the past saying how India had rockets, Nucs, great civilizations, medicines and invented 0.

10. Can read/talk about a disaster (bomb, bus, train, storm, flood, etc) everyday in India without any emotion as long as you are not involved in it.
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