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Top 10 Reasons

Humorous, Serious and Funny Top 10 Lists!

Top 10 Reasons To Date an Italian

1. They know how to cook Italian Food, and the wine is good.

2. They know how to grow tomatoes.

3. The men have broad shoulders, and hot blood.

4. They have a beautiful country to visit.

5. They have one of the romantic languages. Many beautiful operas are written in Italian.

6. Perhaps you want to enchant your date with words whispered in a foreign language. What more beautiful language to use than Italian?

7. Italians are bright, gentle, thoughtful, and not sparing money to do so.

8. They have good leather goods.

9. They have good cars. Sporty Ferrari, subtlety Lamborghini, severity of Maserati!

10. They like garlic ;o)

Feel free to add your own reasons to the list...

© Top 10 Reasons


5 Comment(s):

Anonymous Anonymous said...

not funny.
didnt even make sense.
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unless you have an Italian boyfriend/girlfriend... how on Earth do you know about reason number seven?
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is good!!!;)true true and true~~every point!
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it soooooooooo important to date an italian????? Why not another nationality???
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cause Asian dont see right

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